U-Compare UIMA Component Repository

This is the list of U-Compare UIMA components, all compatible with the U-Compare type system. These components are included in the U-Compare single-click-to-launch package, ready to use by just drag-and-drop. You can also use this repository independent from the U-Compare system.

  • Corpus Readers (Collection Readers) and Writers
    • Biological Entity Annotated Corpora: Bio1, BioIE, Texas, Yapex Reference/Test, NLPBA, BioCreative1a
    • Biological Event Annotated Corpora: AImed, BioNLP '09 Shared Task
    • General Format Readers: Input Text, Plain Text Files, XMI, BIO
    • Writers: XMI, Inline XML, Annotation Printer, BIO
  • Syntactic Tools
    • Sentence Detectors: GENIA, LingPipe, NaCTeM, OpenNLP, UIMA
    • Tokenizers: GENIA, OpenNLP, UIMA, PennBio
    • POS Taggers: GENIA, LingPipe, OpenNLP, Stepp
    • Lemmatizers: morpha, GENIA, Enju
    • CFG Parsers: OpenNLP CFG Parser
    • Dependency Parsers: Stanford
    • Deep Parsers: Enju, Mogura
  • Semantic Tools
    • Biological Named Entity Recognizers: ABNER (NLPBA/BioCreative/User Model), GENIA Tagger, NaCTeM Species Word Detector, NeMine,, MedTNER-M, LingPipe Entity Tagger (Genia, Genia-NLPBA, GeneTag), Moara CBR Tagger (BC2/BC2 and BC1 yeast, mouse and fly)
    • General Named Entity Recognizers: OpenNLP NER
    • Named Entity Normalizers: NaCTeM Species Disambiguator, MedTNER
    • Biological Event Recognizers: See Bio Event Server page (upcoming)
    • Abbreviation Detector: extractabbrev
  • Others
    • statistical tools, visualizers, writers, developer tools, etc.
    • U-Compare Annotation Viewer, MoriV, and Annotation Comparator (integrated to the system)